Top 50 Self-Learning SEO Websites in 2022


If you are looking for a self-learning SEO course, you have a few options. Among them are Web-Savvy Marketing, High Rankings, DistilledU, and QuickSprout. These sites offer comprehensive education on how to make your site more visible. In addition to Affordable SEO LLC's site, they offer one-on-one training with industry professionals.

Web-Savvy Marketing

Search engine optimization is a complex subject, but there are plenty of free resources available online to help you learn everything you need to know. Some of the best resources are community forums, which allow you to learn from others and share ideas. Some websites also offer paid memberships, which let you access premium content. These websites also offer tools and tutorials that will help you optimize your website.


DistilledU is an online university that offers a comprehensive course on search engine optimization. This self-paced course covers the basics of SEO including on-page optimization and technical SEO. Its interactive modules are designed for a variety of different skill levels, from beginners to intermediate. DistilledU also offers courses that allow students to continue their education while working a full-time job.

There are countless SEO resources available online. Not all of them are suitable for beginners, so choose ones that are backed by first-hand experience in the industry. Look for blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and other resources created by industry experts.


Quick Sprout is a self-learning SEO website that offers free access to hundreds of SEO videos. The videos offer both theory and practical information, and each video is accompanied by a written transcript. The website is a great resource for beginners, intermediate, and advanced SEOs.

Quick Sprout offers new content on a weekly basis. Its blog features the latest reviews, guides, and insights to help you build your business. Quick Sprout also offers links to the best SEO services, including Neil Patel Digital and Semrush. Organic search is still the most important traffic source, and Quick Sprout helps you take control of the conversation.


Ahrefs is one of the best SEO websites on the web. Their tools are excellent, and their blog offers many in-depth and research-backed articles on how to optimize a website for search. If you're new to SEO, they even have a free version of their site audit tool, which can check broken links and generate an on-page SEO report for any website.

Ahrefs' Webmaster Tools will audit your website for over 100 technical SEO issues. It will also analyze your organic keyword rankings and the sites that link to you. In addition to this, Ahrefs' research tools will help you discover what content your audience is looking for online. Ahrefs also has a detailed page-by-page analysis tool, so you can see which pages are performing best and where you can improve your ranking. Another free SEO tool is Google Analytics, which will let you see how your website is performing on search engines.

Google's Digital Marketing Course

If you are considering taking a digital marketing course online, Google's Digital Marketing Course is an excellent choice. This course is produced by the company's own trainers and includes bite-sized videos and quizzes. It has over 300,000 students. It also includes a certification process. You will be able to learn about Local SEO Riverside CA, paid search, social media, web optimization, and mobile marketing. The course is also accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University.

The course structure is simple and easy to follow. It consists of one to seven modules with video content and check-in questions to ensure you're retaining the information. Many lessons also come with action items that will help you move your business forward in the digital space. After you've completed the modules, you'll receive a quiz assessing how well you're doing.

Priority Pixels

Content is king, and the best ways to be found in search engine results are by providing excellent articles that answer the question that someone is searching for. These articles should provide new insights into the topic, answer the intent of the searcher, and cover the entire topic.